Monday, November 18, 2019

Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

Report - Essay Example The proposal addresses the need to support education and recommends way in which the company can be involved in the education sector without affecting the profitability of the company. Table of Contents Transmittal 2 Table of Contents 3 Executive summary 4 Introduction 5 Problem statement 5 Methodology 6 Findings 6 Analysis 7 Conclusion 7 Reference 9 Executive summary KMPG is an international organization that needs to develop a global appeal. Global appeal will ensure the development of positivity towards the company. The company operates in many countries making it effective and creates the need for fully trained locals to handle its operations. The company can offer scholarships to international students which is an integral in the development of highly effective workforce. However, the demand for scholarship has been high especially for international students. The criteria of acceptance must be based on performance, integrity and character. The evaluation of the needy students an d linking them with the company after the study can ensure that the financial approach used in the sponsoring the student can be recouped by tying them to the company for one year after graduation. Therefore, by offering internships and scholarships the company can improve its reputation as a company and develop talents and workforce in the society. The beauty of the scholarships is they offer long lasting impression on the society (Legge, 2005, p. 134). Introduction From the past trends, the companies offering scholarships have experienced growth in their operations and brand strength. For KMPG, involvement in labor and skill development will facilitate global appeal and encourage interested students and graduates to pursue employment in the company. Good brands encourage employee development and facilitate skills and professional development (Fisher, 2000, p. 67). The company must get involved in sponsoring students especially from the international community to ensure that succes s is achieved in the countries of operation. It is advisable for the company to engage in skill and professional development because of the beauty associated with the corporate social responsibility. The company’s image will be greatly improved in the development of the scholarship program which is vital in supporting international students in the learning process. The development of the financial support for education is vital in the society because it facilitates improvement of education in the country. However, several scholarship programs employ the use of diverse evaluation to identify the needy students in the society which makes the whole process complex and may lock out some needy students. Therefore, the methodology used to identify the needy students must be effective and transparent. Problem statement The financing of graduate education by KMPG can facilitate increased education access for graduate program and reduce the over reliance on the established scholarship programs. However, the selection and financing of the students can be a major challenge. Methodology The method employed in data collection is analysis of the current performance of the various institutions engaging in the education financing especially in the developmen

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