Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Manage recruitment, selection & induction Assignment - 2

Manage recruitment, selection & induction - Assignment Example For quick productivity, new staff induction will be dual directed with HR involvement and orientation to work area for job requirements and workplace relationship development (Compton, et al., 2007). Owing to competition, the new staff will be trained on how to create high quality products design to beat competition as well as position the STAR products within Australian market (Seward & Dein, 2005). For smooth induction, each new staff will have detailed checklist and an induction book along which they will follow up the induction process. The checklist will ensure that any questions or clarifications on new staff expectations are clearly answered on time (Compton, et al., 2007). Additionally, the induction booklet will ensure that there is no information overload as it will consist of relevant information about the expectation of each role and the inputs needed for successful attainment of STAR five-year plan goals. After a successful induction program where new STAR employees and line managers have given feedback, new employees will be evaluated against their intended outcomes. First, a questionnaire on life work balance is used to evaluate whether or not new employee needs have been met by the implemented programs and the results used to prepare a usage report (Seward & Dein, 2005). Additionally, new STAR employees will be subjected to induction follow-up interviews or sessions with employees to ensure that any answered questions are clarified and any assistance needed to settle into their new roles is provided. Further, new employees are expected to be complete an evaluation of STAR’s HR processes in place either in practice and custom or written form (Hughes & Jowitt, 2003). The new employees will also survey stakeholders to evaluate their current perceptions of life within the organization in terms of climate, satisfaction, morale, and culture amongst others. As a way of improving the HR tools and

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