Saturday, February 1, 2020

Movie comment Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Comment - Movie Review Example Ethan is older, more aggressive, and ready to fix every problem by shooting everybody involved, including the poor victims who have been captured. Ethan is much younger, and while he is prepared to go looking for the native people involved in the raids, and use force against them if necessary, his main objective is to save the captives and restore them to their families. This difference is shown very clearly in the scene where Ethan finds Debbie, kills the man who captured her, and then aims his gun at her as well. Martin chases after Ethan, and it is clear that the struggle between the two men is unequal. Ethan is in a stronger position because he is on a horse, while Martin is on foot, like Debbie. When Martin places himself directly in front of the woman, protecting her from Ethan’s gun, even at the risk of his own life, he saves her. This heroic action highlights the extremism of Ethan’s position and makes the audience think about the cycle of violence that results when people are obsessed with the need for revenge. Martin’s concern for Debbie acts as a bridge between Ethan and Debbie, because Ethan recognises his own shameful attitudes and changes his position so that he eventually carries Debbie back to her family. Question 2: To a viewer seeing this film in 2011 The Searchers might come across under analysis as a contradiction.   It is a beautiful work of art, but reflects extreme racism towards Native peoples. Offer a critique expressing how these two elements were blended so that someone watching the film for the first time might understand and recognize the racism, fear of miscegenation, and justification for genocide without hating the film. It is very hard not to like The Searchers. One reason is the overwhelming talent of a mature John Wayne, playing his usual type of cranky hero. Another reason is the stunning cinematography of John Ford who recreates the white settlers’ folksy interiors against a stunning

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