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Personality development Free Essays

Development quint essentially means enhancing and grooming one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to your life. Each individual has a distinct persona that can be developed, polished and refined. This process includes boosting one’s confidence, improving communication and language speaking abilities, widening ones scope of knowledge, developing certain hobbies or skills, learning fine etiquettes and manners, adding style and grace to the way one looks, talks and walks and overall imbibing oneself with positivity, liveliness and peace. We will write a custom essay sample on Personality development or any similar topic only for you Order Now Personality Development is gaining more and more importance because it enables people to create a good impression about themselves on others. It helps them to build and develop relationships, helps in your career growth and also helps to improve your financial needs. After all, Personality Development is nothing but a tool that helps you realize your capabilities and your strengths making you a stronger, a happier and a cheerful person. utward appearance is the window of your personality to the world. You are not only dress for others but for yourself too. External appearance is important b’coz that gives the first impression to others about your personality. Two Major Reasons: 1) Outward appearance is easier to examine and easier to improve. 2) Outward appearance has a more direct and immediate effect on one’s interactions with others. Role Plays Inspirational Clips Learning with Fun Pre-Training Observation * Post-Training Observation * One-on-One Feedback Provided * Weekly Follow-ups * Tailor-made courses to suit your needs Incentives for Improvement from Crescendo* What is † Grooming? Importance of Personal Grooming Relation between personal appearance and image projection Disclaimer: This are â€Å"Guidelines Only’ about grooming in professional environment and not intended or meant to hurt anyone’s feeling. We understand that dressing and outward appearance are affected by Culture and Ethnic background. It is important to dress according to your own style and for the occasion while meeting your organizational dress code guidelines. What is Grooming? It is the process of making yourself look neat and attractive The things which you do o make yourself and your appearance tidy and pleasant. Whether this is real or imaginary, the most important fact is that your appearance influences the opinions of everyone around you. Your professionalism, intelligence and the trust people form in you is mainly due to your appearance. Some of the perceptions people can form solely from your appearance are: Your professionalism Your level of sophistication Your intelligence Your credibility Personal Grooming Habits: Grooming involves all aspects of yourself Overall Cleanliness Hair Nails Teeth Uniform Make-up Personal Grooming Habit: HAIR It is your crowning glory Keep it at a length and style at which you can maintain it Wash your hair everyday or at least every other day Men: We recommend to not fall over the ears, eyebrows or even touch the back of the collar Will always present a neat appearance Facial hair should be neatly trimmed ( moustache, sideburns), beards are not recommended Women: Tie your hair in a neat hairstyle with hair pulled back from face Hair if longer than jaw line should be tied into a bun Should be well groomed with a neat appearance at all times hHair holding devices should be plain and of natural colours. Nails: Clip nails short, along their shape A healthy body ensures healthy nails. Brittle or discolored nails show up deficiencies or disease conditions. Teeth: Brush teeth at least twice a day Remember to rinse your mouth after every meal For those who smoke it is important you rinse your mouth after every smoke and use a mouth freshener Uniform: Your uniform talks a lot about your organization First impressions are made within the first five minutes of meeting someone A neat, clean and well ironed uniform is acceptable and appreciated by one and all at all imes Your ld-Tags are also an important part of your uniform Make-up: Make up should be natural looking Try avoiding bright and attention catching colors for nail polish and lip color Mild fragrance Women: we advise to stay away from extremely dark, bright reds and fluorescent colors Hair color should not be more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Unnatural colors (burgundy, green etc. ) must be avoided Accessories Male: Men should limit possibly limit accessories/]ewelry to 3 pieces Accessories include watch, ring, handkerchief Avoid bracelets, neckla ces, and visible piercing Women: Jewelry shoud be keep minimal and conservative Remove all facial piercing except earrings The 5 Piece Rule: Wear only five accessories – earrings count as 2; watch count as 3, allowing 2 additional accessories Shoes: Lace up conservative shoes are the most appropriate Choose black, brown or burgundy shoes. Shoe colors should match your trousers or be of a darker color. Avoid very old, shape distorted shoes. Socks should match the color of your suits and cover you calves. (Try changing socks everyday) Safest color is black. Belts should be in good condition and match the color of your shoes. Females: Shoes should be pumps or sling backs, do not wear shoes with open toes, open heel, or ankle straps. Shoes should be of good quality leather Shoe color should be darker than your trouser Hells should be 1-3 inches; higher heels should be saved for after hours. You can also rest your feet on a footrest one at a time, but maintain proper posture and avoid slouching. Step 4 Let your arms hang freely at your sides when possible. Personality Development Training Everyone is influenced by an attractive personality and without influencing others ou can’t get success in todays competitive world. For many of us, it is not enough to simply have life as it happens. We find it essential to get the most we can out of life and that is being the best that we can be. We may be coping with life – but are we in control of it? You may be successful in some areas of your life, so why not be successful in all aspects of your life? We believe that working on both your inner self and your outer self will help you build the confidence you need to be in complete charge of your life resulting to fulfilled dreams and living life in abundance. By doing o, an individual maximizes their potential to excel both in their careers as well as their personal lives. Similarly a training in personality development enhances the general as well as unique traits (characteristics which differentiate one from others) of a person. This course aims to help a person understand and know his / her purpose in life, get a positive thought pattern, gain confidence, improve behavior, learn better communication and develop a healthy physique. Course Objective: Help create a purpose statement for life and work Usher an individual to personal wholeness and satisfaction To strategize ways for an individual promotion by building your personal brand Aid in achieving correct posture and a healthy life style Manifest good grooming on a person’s outer appearance Read and understand the importance of body talk Describe ways to enhance Verbal Communication Describe common practices in observing manners in your work place. How to cite Personality development, Papers Personality Development Free Essays What Is the Difference Between Intrapersonal Interpersonal Communications? Communication is the sending and receiving of a message. There are many different types and styles of communication, and communication can occur between one or many different people. Though it may sound counterintuitive, communication can take place within just one individual. We will write a custom essay sample on Personality Development or any similar topic only for you Order Now This type of communication is called intrapersonal communication. Interpersonal communication involves two or more people. 1. Intrapersonal Communication oIntrapersonal communication could be called our inner monologue. When we sit down to think of ways to solve a problem, we’re communicating intrapersonally. Even during those moments of quiet reflection about ourselves, our goals in life, our beliefs, values and expectations, we are communicating with ourselves. Intrapersonal communication also includes dreams, fantasies, talking out loud to yourself and writing, such as in a journal. Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal communication takes place between at least two people. A conversation over a candlelit dinner, a phone call and this article are all considered interpersonal communication. One person sends a message, either by talking or writing, or even with body language, and at least one other person receives that message. Effective interpersonal communication depends on the messenger’s ability to convey their exact meaning without ambiguity. What are Interpersonal intrapersonal communication barriers? Intapersonal communication barriers can be things such as your own self degradation. For example you could hold yourself back because you don’t belive you are capable or smart enough to do something. You could as well not give yourself the will to push yourself to do something you have always wanted causing yourself to become a barrier to you as a person. What is the difference between intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships? An intrapersonal relationship is a relationship with yourself. This includes how much you respect yourself, how well you know your desires and your motivations, and other things. An interpersonal relationship is a relationship with another person. This includes the same factors as above, and others that are relevant to knowing and empathizing with others. To remember the difference, remember that an interstate highway connects states (in the US), and that an intrastate highway is a highway which doesn’t leave the state. The states are like people. How to cite Personality Development, Papers Personality Development Free Essays TOPIC-Personality development of students Personality Development is the combination of natural talent, personal interest, current opportunity, social environment, character, motivation and how the brain processes information. Each of us has a social personality, which is different from everyone else. Jongeward and Muriel James, in their much talked about book â€Å"Born to Win,† talked about how each individual has been born to be a winner. We will write a custom essay sample on Personality Development or any similar topic only for you Order Now However, in the course of development, from infancy to adulthood, negligence towards our own potentials took a toll on our progress, and as a result, we are no longer able to use our unique traits to their fullest. Today, education plays an important role for personality development preparing students to face challenges in day to day life has become an important goal of today’s education. It is only through a programme of personality development that one can break the shackles of traditional closed-door approach to education. Intellectual development was supposed to be the only aim of education for many years. However, the connotation of education has become much larger. Now with the advent of constructivist approach emphasis is given to all-round development of student. The formal education helps intellectuals discover and develop their natural talent. The main objective of today’s education is development of various abilities and good character along with intellectual growth of students but somewhere this objective is not being fully achieved when the students are endowed with an opportunity to become something mainly right after the college they lose it because of lack of personality development as society does not support the dexterous personality, now a days students they never think about the future. They are only examination oriented moreover it’s a trend that has been started by the colleges itself that student with good scores are rewarded and other with talent and potential are looked down it is the duty of colleges to groom the students in order to make them compatible with the demands of today’s world by not just making them a part of marks race but also by realizing their potential and talent. Thomas Edison’s short stay in the classroom was a disaster. His mother pulled him out and gave him a workshop so he could develop his natural skills at his own pace, that’s the impact of education and training on the mind of a person and there are plethora of such examples. Through this research paper I will be dealing with the impact of personality development on students along with the role of colleges in acting as a catalyst for it. http://www. ncte-india. org/pub/other/kireet1/ch4. htm How to cite Personality Development, Essay examples

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